d. smoking and obesity, What are the 2 major forms of love? d. Huntington's disease, According to the socioeconomic selectivity theory, the emotion trajectory is high during: b. tend and befriend people D. Canada and Sweden, For older adults, social support is linked to a(n): c. reduction in symptoms of disease c. older adults perform well when decision making is constrained by time pressures. b. episodic memory a. smell and taste decline less in healthy older adults than in their less healthy counterparts d. relationship, If a community wants to develop programs to help at-risk youths, an important component to include in the program would be: - Includes 27 categories of responses, Jean Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development, There are 4 universal stages in a fixed order from birth > adolesence, Piaget's initial major stage of cognitive development, which can be broken down into six substages, Stage from approximately age two to age seven in which children's use of symbolic thinking grows, mental reasoning emerges, and the use of concepts increases, The period of cognitive development between 7 and 12 years of age, which is characterized by the active, and appropriate, use of logic, The stage at which people develop the ability to think abstractly, Realization of people and objects exist even when they cannot be seen, Systematic, meaningful arrangement of symbols and provides the basis for communications, Caution and wariness displayed by infants when encountering an unfamiliar person, Emotional response corresponding to the feelings of another person, Positive emotional bond develops between a child and a particular individual, Body weight more than 20% higher than the average weight for a person of a give age and height, Knowledge that quantity is unrelated to the arrangement and physical appearance of objects, Level of which a child can almost, not fully, perform a task independently but can do so with the assistance of someone more competent, Being male/female, established in young children (preschool age), Provide lax and inconsistent feedback and require little of their children, Firm, clear and consistent limits but try to reason with their children, giving explanations for why they should behave in a particular way, The changes in people's sense of justice and of what is right and wrong, and in their behavior related to moral issues, Legally defined as difficulties in seeing what may include blindness (less than or 20/200 after correction) or partial sightedness (20/70 after correction), Difficulties in the acquisition and use of listening, speaking, reading, writing, reasoning, or mathematical abilities, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Disability marked by inattention, impulsiveness, a low tolerance of frustration, and generally a great deal of inappropriate activity, Individuals overall and specific positive and negative self-esteem, Evaluation of a role or person by other relevant members of a group, Refers to using strategizing for solving social conflict in ways satisfactory both to oneself and to others, Sexual organs mature, beginning earlier for girls than for boys, Individuals refuse to eat, while denying that their behavior and appearance, which may become skeletal, are out of the ordinary, Binges on large quantities of food, followed by purges of the food through vomiting or the use of laxatives, One suicide leads to attempts by others to kill themselves, Independence and a sense of control over their lives, 2 to 12 people who have frequent interaction, Physical declines brought about by environmental factors or an individual's behavioral choices, Physical and emotional response to events that threaten or challenge us, Effort to reduce or tolerate the threats that lead to stress, Tendency to marry someone who is similar in age, race, education, religion, and other basic demographic characteristics, Drives people to obtain tangible rewards, such as money or prestige, Condition in which the bones become brittle, fragile and thin, Changing eye lenses in shape and elasticity results in loss of near vision, Parents experience feelings of unhappiness, worry, loneliness, and depression resulting from their children's departure from home, Young adults who come back to live in the homes of their middle aged parents, Middle aged couples must fulfill the needs of their children and their aging parents, Universal/irreversible changes that, due to genetic programming, occurs as people get older, Incurable disease that causes painful inflammation or swelling of one or more joints, Progressive brain disorder, produces loss of memory and confusion, Accumulating knowledge, experience, and contemplation (expert knowledge in the practical aspects of life), Psychological state in which people develop apathy, indifference, and a lack of caring about themselves, Psychology of Human Growth and Development Fi, Chapter 18 - Social and Personality Developme, Chapter 17 - Physical and Cognitive Developme, Chapter 16 - Social and Personality Developme, SOC-210 - Juvenile Delinquency Mid-Term Chapt. Which of the following is likely to be LEAST important in their relationship considering that both are in early adulthood? The exam contains approximately 90 questions to be answered in 90 minutes. "We think the LEED certification is not only great for the environment but good business overall," says Martins. d. try to keep track of his son whereabout's, The 2009 survey funded by Kaiser Family Foundation found that ________ used media an average of 8 hours and 40 minutes a day. b. brain circuitry c. completing a crossword puzzle a. a higher socioeconomic status Usually only 1,500 rapes are reported each year in the US a. about half of the delinquency caseloads in 2005 involved females b. people today have healthier lifestyles than people in the early 1900s Which o the following is true of the possible selves of older adults? c. to preserve their culture and resist change Stage from approximately age two to age seven in which children's use of symbolic thinking grows, mental reasoning emerges, and the use of concepts increases. Note: Each institution reserves the right to set its own credit-granting policy, which may differ from the American Council on Education (ACE). c. a roller coaster ride of emotions c. both grandparents a. sexual and noncommittal Preoperational Stage. a. alzheimer disease The infants were then given two surrogate mothers (a terry-cloth "mother" and a wire "mother"), each of which alternately had a nursing bottle that provided food to the infants. This is most likely due to a decline in her: b. concrete operational Identify the dual struggle often faced by immigrants to the U.S. Piaget's initial major stage of cognitive development, which can be broken down into six substages. b. in nursing homes c. they can form because adolescents engage in similar activities a. a. ethnocentrism d. a year long period of major depression, Gina is doing what she can to help her older aunt take care of herself and stay in her own home. The roof of the building is designed to minimize daytime heat gain by using reflective and insulated materials. b. Americans are usually more obese than Europeans d. clique members are usually of the same sex, William wants to know how he can keep his young son out of trouble. b. less than half A study of 10th graders revealed that: Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like dysmenorrhea, intimacy versus isolation, and more. d. conventional reasoning, Which of the following has been found to be associated with prolonged, intense parent-adolescent conflict? When the Amway Center opened in Orlando in 2011, it became the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) gold-certified professional basketball arena in the country. The Human Growth and Development exam (infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and aging) covers material that is generally taught in a one-semester introductory course in developmental psychology or human development. Give three examples. Other sets by this creator. b. a. crowds d. weight training, Currently in the United States, 90% of hospice care is provided: c. actively monitor his son Couples who cohabitant before getting engaged have a better chance of a successful marriage than couples who wait until they are engaged to cohabitate b. osteoporosis Rate of divorce for couples who cohabitate 65%-72% What is the overall 50%-52% Human Growth & Development - Final Exam Flashcards | Quizlet. Donna says that her daughter refuses to see reason sometimes and seems unable to exercise much self-control. a. passive operational Select one: d. a majority of, According to Erik Erikson, which of the following stages occurs during early adulthood, after individuals are well on their way to establishing stable and successful identities? 5-11 year olds Massive LED electronic signage controlled from a central control room also contributes to lower operating costs. A study plan and list of online resources. The questions on the CLEP Human Growth and Development exam adhere to the terminology, criteria, and classifications referred to in the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). 2)Pattern of change in emotions, personality, and social . Sensorimeter. d. to work and take care of their children, Adolescent _________ is the heightened self consciousness of adolescents. d. mirror complex, The abstract quality of thinking during the ________ stage is evident in the adolescent's verbal problem-solving ability. d. anxiety about the unknowns in their lives, Which of the following BEST explains why middle adulthood comes later and lasts longer now than in the early 1900s? a. co-rumination c. 15-18 year olds c. Olivia, a latino b. infancy and early childhood d. romantic and affectionate, Cathy and Miguel have been dating for 6 months. c. industry vs inferiority a. fun seeking The categories are sustainability of site, water efficiency, energy, materials/resources, indoor environmental quality, and design innovation. c. high intelligence quotient c. about a quarter of b. formal operational a. intensive individualized attention c. in special units in hospitals a. is a single, neat process That is most likely due to _________. a. b. Being just three years into marriage, she was devastated. a. identity vs identity confusion c. the prefrontal cortexinvolved in reasoning and self-controlhas developed fully by early adolescence. b. couples who cohabitate after getting engaged experience marital dissatisfaction earlier than the couples who cohabitate earlier d. 12-18, Which of following is a difference between formal operational thought and postformal thought? d. home care service, Active euthanasia is legal in: Rudy Brown, a senior citizen, buys a ticket regularly priced at $295.99. d. unclear sexual boundaries, Which of the following statements about cohabitation is true? b. intellectual B. Africa and India a. to preserve identity and to acculturate College students who work more hours have better grades then those who do not work c. religious or community death rites Passion, closeness, sexuality d. working more hours results in a decline in grades, Which of the following statements true about obesity? b. self fulfilling prophecy c. in sich fields as philosophy and history, older adults often show as less creativity as they did when they were in their thirties and forties Human Growth & Development Final Exam. b. lifting a box that weighs 20 lbs d. use a recall rather than recognition strategy whenever possible, Which of the following statements about novices and experts is TRUE? c. there is no sign of decline these senses as we age b. having more romantic experience was linked to a higher level of substance use and delinquency. 20-30 hcurd1244. a. perceptual speed c. distant Q. c. imaginary audience c. 15-16 year olds d. having no experience of romantic relationships is a consistent predictor of depression and deviant behavior. a. Why? a. alzheimers disease Other Amway Center design features include efficient receiving docks, food storage layouts, and venue change-over systems. d. arthritis, The transition from adolescence to adulthood has been referred to as emerging adulthood, which occurs from approximately __________ years of age. a. older adults are far more inconsistent with their choices as compared to younger adults. c. solipsism a. experts avoid the use of strategies and shortcuts when solving problems. a. an orderly progression of stages b. post- traumatic embitterment disorder Delilah is probably experiencing _________. d. males are more likely to engage in delinquency than are females. b. high level of academic excellence d. older adults show a greater decline in their sense of taste than in their sense of smell, Severe reductions in the production of dopamine have been linked with: The Human Growth and Development exam covers theories and research related to physical, cognitive, and social development. b. lack of intimacy 1/4 a. checkups d. generatively vs stagnation, Which of the following most resembles the grieving process? The center used environmentally friendly building materials and recycled. As a specialist in the development of adolescents, you would tell Donna that her daughter's behavior could partly be explained by the biological reason that: 1)Erikson's eight-stage theory - the socially and culturally influenced process of development of the ego or self. Rainwater and air-conditioning condensation are captured and used for irrigation. c. integrity vs despair d. older adults perform well when decisions involve high risks, Regular ______ has been shown to decrease the onset of physical disability in older adults. d. generativity vs stagnation, Which of the following is a problem that can plague cross gender friendships? c. collective myth Kelly The percentages next to the main categories indicate the approximate percentage of exam questions on that topic. a. For each category, several key words and phrases identify topics with which candidates should be familiar. d. by the end of adolescence, individuals have fewer, less selective, less effective neuronal connections than they did as children. Here are a few of the elements in the Amway Center project that helped earn the LEED certification: LEED certification means five environmental measures and one design measure must be met when a facility is graded by the U.S. Green Building Council, which is a nationally accepted benchmark program. a. sexual a. avoid using vivid imagery to keep from becoming distracted a. use harsh discipline Attraction, desire, complementarity b. egocentrism A. d. couples who wait until they are engaged to cohabitate have a better chance of a successful marriage than couples who cohabitate before becoming engaged, Both divorced women and undivorced men complain of all of the following EXCEPT: 60 terms iwilson1 Human Growth & Development - Final Exam Cohabitation Living together in a dating relationship without being married. c. passionate and intimate Four months later, she was hassled by problems such as intrusive thoughts, flashbacks, nightmares, sleep disturbance, and problems in concentrating. Novices are more flexible involving problems than experts b. Estimates indicate that as many as ____ percent of individuals 65 years of age and older have mild cognitive impairment (MCI). c. Passion, intimacy, decision/commitment Which of the following statements is TRUE about creativity? If you were a teacher, would you allow students to solve math problems using different approaches if they reached the same answer? d. in free standing hospice facilities in the community, Which of the following is Erikson's eighth stage of development? The group that is least likely to exhibit suicidal behavior is? d. people today have a higher income than people in the early 1900s, An adult in middle age will be most likely to do POORLY on which of the following tasks? c. egocentrism a. alcohol abuse and smoking d. 11-14 year olds, Identity development: a. hospice care d. 14-16 year olds, As part of adolescent egocentrism, making statements like, "I know I can handle the car at high speeds much better than others can", says 18-year-old Jake, reflects the tendency of adolescents to engage in: a. alzheimer disease Concrete Operational. c. implicit memory b. b. smell and taste become more sensitive as we age. There is preferred parking for hybrids and other energy efficient cars. The new 875,000 -square foot facility-almost triple the size of the Amway Arena it replaced - is now the benchmark for other sports facilities. 8-11 year olds . d. arthritis, _________ is the number of years that the average person born in a particular year will probably live. Recommendations for credit-granting scores from the American Council on Education. What is a use, or application, of cash? b. integrity vs. despair c. community role models b. a single grandfather a. movement out of the home Some of them are pretest questions that will not be scored. a. logical thinking pattern of change in mental abilities, such as learning, attention, memory, language, thinking, reasoning, and creativity. d. both maternal and paternal grandparents, When men use fight-or-flight manner to respond to stress, they are most likely to: c. diminished self esteem Overview. c. major depression c. abstract thinking c. romance Would you use a sample or a census to measure each of the following? b. Which of the following is true about working while in college? d. Olivia will more likely build up expectations for her child, __________ adults describe themselves as securely attached. Therefore, he decides not to commit to a particular career choice at the moment and waits to make a decision. d. 1/3, Which of the following is TRUE of decision-making and aging? 17-19 year olds a. understanding verbal directions d. remote, Almost half of the grandchildren who move in with grandparents are raised by: c. lack of thrust a. personal fable Contact your college to find out the score required for credit and the number of credit hours granted. a. life extension a. very few d. perspective taking, Richard believes he is gay. a. concrete operational a. people today have less anxiety in their lives than people in the early 1900s. If you are uncertain, d. teams, According to David Elkind, personal fable and imaginary audience are parts of adolescent: c. delinquency rates among lower-socioeconomic status youth are especially high c. happens cataclysmically d. involves making decisions once and for all, Late boo,ers comprise approximately 10% of ________ who say that they have had no experience with romantic relationships. a. acceptance b. a period of negative feelings that lasts around 3 months It took 10 years for Orlando Magic's management to develop a plan for the new state-of-the-art sports and entertainment center. a. learning about shared characteristics c. People who cohabitate with another person after a divorce have a higher rate of premarital happiness than people who live alone after a divorce b. schizophrenia Exam #3 (Chapters 6-10) 100 terms. 21-26 d. almost half of older adults are residents in institutions, such as hospitals, mental hospital, and nursing homes, Eighty year old Lucia has difficulty remembering to call her son every Sunday at noon. b. formal The Netherlands and Belgium, c. eldercare An understanding of the major theories and research related to the broad categories of physical development . c. avoid using the information to be remembered so that is does not become confused with other info c. ethnic a. difficulty in forming satisfactory new intimate relationships Typically, he should do all of the following EXCEPT: d. Parkinson disease, Although there are differences in the quality of care in nursing homes and other extended-care facilities in the U.S., more than _______ are considered to be seriously deficient. d. an individual's ability to reason abstractly, Jasper's grandparents show a strong interest in all their grandchildren but are careful not to give child-rearing advice. "We wanted to make sure we brought the most sustainable measures to the construction, so in operation we can be a good partner to our community and our environment," states CEO Alex Martins. What is the leading cause of death in middle adulthood? c. diabetes d. tactics to "scare teens straight", According to Jean Piaget, around age 11, the fourth stage of cognitive development, the ______ stage, begins. d. researchers point out that rapists in general are seldom angry with women, Kelly has just given birth to her first baby at age 37; her best friend, Olivia, age 26, just gave birth to her first child. a. autonomy vs shame What is a source of cash? a. imaginary audience d. middle adulthood, Delilah lost her husband Hendricks in a highway accident. b. typically, the most productive creators in any field are hardly as prolific as their least productive counterparts b. clique members are usually about the same age d. Sociocultural factors involved in obesity are several times more prevalent among women with high incomes than those with low incomes, Which of the following is true of rape? a. the average number of people in a clique is 8-10 c. an individual's ability to use deductive reasoning What other ratings exist? 112 terms. What is the estimated amount of Rudy's discount? What does a facility need to do to earn the gold LEED rating? The center is maintained using green-friendly cleaning products. b. strong academic support Find a Test Center and Schedule Your Test, Understanding of generally accepted concepts and principles, Understanding of theories and recurrent developmental issues, Applications of knowledge to particular problems or situations, Development of the brain and nervous system, Jean Piaget's cognitive development theory, Environmental, cultural, and genetic influences, Asocial behavior, fears, phobias, and obsessions, Chronic illnesses and physical disabilities. c. 18-25 b. about 2/3 of college men usually deny that they fondle women against their will a. c. hypertension b. b. Olivia will have more income for child-rearing expenses than b. bargaining Jahmal, a teenager, begins to think about what he would like to pursue as a career but finds that this is a question he hasn't even really thought about before and is uninterested in the question itself. c. diabetes and depression The field of study that examines patterns of growth, change, and stability in behavior that occurs throughout the entire lifespan, High frequency sound waves scan the mother's womb to produce an image of the unborn baby, whose size and shape can then be assessed, Patterns of arousal and emotionality that represents consistent and enduring characteristics in an individual, Procedure in which a woman's ova are removed from her ovaries and a man's sperm are used to fertilize the ova in a laboratory, Environmental agent such as a virus, chemical, or other factor that produces a birth defect, Standard measurement system that looks for a variety of indications of good health in newborns, - Involves breathing technique and relaxation training, - Involves a self-hypnosis during delivery, Disorder in which seemingly healthy infants die in their sleep, Brazelton Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale (NBAS), - Measure used to determine infants' neurological/behavioral responses to their environment d. seek social alliances, Vaillant's research showed that at age 50, the best predictors of who would be dead at 75 to 80 years of age were: Which of these is an example of a rite of passage? c. episodic memory b. parkinson disease d. longevity, Which of the following statements is true of smell and taste in the elderly? b. increase in mortality rates d. personal fable, Which of the following statements about the trends in juvenile delinquency in the U.S. is NOT true? c. 3/4 a. PTSD a. be merciful and forgiving d. passion, Which of the following statements about the characteristics of a clique is NOT true? From an operations management perspective, combining these savings with the significant ongoing savings from reduced water and energy usage will yield a major reduction in annual operating expenses. d. regular attendance at religious services, Based on data from 2011, which of the following individuals was most likely to get pregnant as a teen? b. expression C. China and Japan b. emergency care b. older adults' decision making skills are more likely to be unaffected by age- related decreases in memory a. Japan and Korea have the highest percentages of obese adults in comparison with United States and Mexico Donna is concerned about her adolescent daughter's tendency to flare up at the mildest provocations. c. formal operational a. anger c. The obesity rate in America has halved since 1900 Informed consent must be given by patients before they ______________. alize0130. c. working while in college has largely positive effects a. physical attraction d. acceptance, Which of the following is called the "common cold" of mental disorders? c. life expectancy d. working memory, Which of the following strategies would be most helpful in improving memory in middle age? b. delinquency rates among minority groups are higher than average b. lowered sexual gratification c. squads In which period of development does an individual's fluid intelligence begin to decline? Which of the following sets are the three components of c. older adults perform well when decision making is constrained by time pressures a. researchers have found that creativity does peak in adulthood and then declines b. b. intimacy vs isolation a. older adults are far more inconsistent with their choices as compared to younger adults Details about the exam breakdown, credit recommendations, and free sample questions. cognitive development. 12-13 year olds c. less than half of older adults live with family members In a famous series of experiments conducted by Harry Harlow, infant monkeys were separated from their mothers at birth. c. with draw from social contact d. restoration- oriented stress, Selena walks with a marked stoop now that she is old. a. Kelly will have more energy to care for her child than Olivia a. more than two-thirds of older women 75 years and older live alone Why? c. people today have few children than people in the early 1900s c. spina bifida Gina is providing ________ for her aunt. Describe four kinds of population shifts in metropolitan areas since 1950. a. a. bursitis Which of the following statements about the living arrangements of older adults is true? a. adolescence b. working while in college is to be discouraged as it does not contribute to education in any way Give three examples.\. Guide to understanding how CLEP scores are calculated and credit-granting recommendations for all exams. d. prospective memory, Which of the following has been linked to lower cognitive performance, not only in older adults but also in young and middle aged adults? d. 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